Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Product Review: Cocio Chocolate Milk

I love this product for a few reasons but the best has to be the lack of ingredients (only 4 in total). I find a lot of low fat products are pumped up with extra sugar or tonnes of artificial ingredients. This apparently only has 1%
fat and 1% added sugar and to be honest I can't tell at all because it is simply delicious.

Milk is a great post-workout recovery drink. I'm not going to bore you with the whole protein-for-recovery stuff because you've probably heard it a million times before (and if not the whole science-y reason behind it can be found in approximately 5 seconds - thank you internet!). It's also no secret I'm a massive chocolate fanatic so the added cocoa powder really made this for me.

The only downside to this is that its fairly expensive (you can tell it's not your everyday milkshake by the fact it comes in a glass bottle). I got mine on offer from Waitrose for £1 but it's on sale in other supermarkets for £1.39. This makes it around 4x the price of standard Frijj milkshakes (ouch!). I'd still say it's a winner though due to the reduced fat and sugar content.

I'd love to make this part of my everyday shopping but for a budget conscious student it'll have to remain a treat for now. The day they bring out cheaper multipacks I'll be first in line at the shops!

V x

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