Monday, 25 August 2014

3 Things I Learnt In Italy

1) Italian driving is a little scary!
    Especially in rush hour. I guess being a Brit means I have an inherent, subconscious urge to find a queue to join and sit quietly to wait my turn while demonstrating my frustration at the traffic with
increasingly rapid finger-drumming on the dash board. Drivers on the continent seem a lot more proactive on their commute home and they're certainly not afraid to use their horns!

2) Sunshine = HUGE vegetables
    Italy gets an average of around 2000 hours of sunshine per year compared to less than 1500 hours in Britain so it's no wonder they sell the most incredible super-size veg at the market. Seriously, we're talking tomatoes the size of grape fruit and melons larger than a small child. Fantastic.

3) I love pizza even more than I thought I did.
    I'm not sure how that's even possible but the home-streched, fresh baked doughy delights found in every Italian worth its salt are truly a million miles from your standard, grease-loaded takeaway pizza. (Note to self: Learn how to make pizza dough. Healthy pizza should definitely be a possibility).

V x

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