Tuesday, 9 September 2014

5 Things To Bring To Uni

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As it's that time of year again, I figured as a mature third year (hah!) I'd write a list of my top 5 uni essentials. These 5 items have helped me out in a variety of situations and, although they can all be bought on a student budget, make really great gifts for freshers heading off on their first year.

1) A wok
One of the slightly more pricey items on the list (as it is important to get one of decent quality) that more than makes up for it in usefulness! My own trusty wok has very rarely spent more than a couple of days at a time in the cupboard waiting to be used. It is such a flexible piece of kitchen equipment.

Use it for:
Stir-fries, curries, frying (not so much large pieces of meat or fish, but perfect for onions), chillies... the list is endless

Wash THOROUGHLY. Dry immediately after washing to avoid rust to ensure your wok lasts easily as long as your studies!

2) Deep Heat Rub
Sounds random but since I've always relied on having a bath to ease muscle soreness (and trust me, even if you don't do sport, all-nighters spent on your feet sure do feel like a work out the next day!) I really missed it at uni. Cue Deep Heat, my trusty bath in a tube. Just don't overuse it else you'll end up sprinting to the shower.

Use it for:
Sore muscles, freshers flu relief for a temporary heat boost.

Use a little at first and build it up. Massage it in as well to really help ease muscle pain.

3) Hot Water Bottle
Similar to Deep Heat but can't be used on the go. Especially helpful on cold nights as quite often the heating in halls or student housing can be pretty dodgy and when you feel like snuggling up in bed on a Sunday night with a book or a movie.

Use it for:
Muscle soreness, colds, cold weather, avoiding heating issues...

Don't get a super cheap one, you don't want to risk a hot water leak and burns. Make sure it has a European Standards (CE) logo on it so you can be sure of its quality. Buying a cover helps avoid overheating but can be easily replaced with a towel or sweater.

4) Onesie
The Ultimate student slob clothes. Wear on Sundays... Saturdays... Even Wednesdays. Perfect for a lazy morning after a night out or a cosy night in. Or even a last minute dash to the supermarket if you're feeling brave!

Use it for:
Chilling out

If you're planning on napping in your onesie then it might be an idea to get one without a hood as they tend to get tangled when asleep. Especially if you're a very mobile sleeper like me.

5) Big Plastic Bowl
Speaks for itself really. A large, cheap, plastic bowl.

Use it for:
A plastic bowl at uni has a seemingly infinite number of uses, so I'll name a small selection of the things mine has been used for these past two years:
Baking, making burgers, storing fruit, holding punch, handwashing, trapping spiders (when home alone with no one to remove them for me) to name but a few.

Buy cheap. But DO NOT microwave... long story!

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