Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mid- Week Core

What better way to get over Wednesday than a little bit of core work. This will only take up 6 minutes of your day and repeated regularly will seriously improve your abs. Ideally you could complete this every week day because its just so short.

Keeping your stomach pulled in (and your core engaged) is vital to protect your back and will also increase the intensity (and effect) of the workout!

Core strength is really important for athletes, especially swimmers, but its just as important for regular, active people. Keeping your core strong improves your posture and can help you to avoid back problems as you get older.

A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with sciatica and both physios and doctors alike have advised him to work his core to help prevent further deterioration and help support his spine so it doesn't squash the nerves around it (ouch). After starting regular Pilates classes his condition has really improved.

Okay lecture over, now get that core moving and enjoy!

V x

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