Monday, 1 September 2014

Pre-lunch Speedy Workout!

As the swimming season is just around the corner I've started to ease myself back into it so pre-season doesn't completely kill me! This time of year I like to do things a little differently so instead of jumping back in to 9 pool sessions a week I try to mix things up with running, cycling and (when I'm feeling a bit tired) short workouts like this.

I first did this little beauty last week in the gym with my boyfriend but it is literally the simplest workout ever because you don't need ANY kit. 

Seriously, you can get away without even wearing trainers for this if you feel more comfortable (just make sure your ankles can cope with it and you do it on a nice grippy surface - i.e. avoid doing it on lino or wood barefoot).

The BEST thing about it is it gives you almost instant results. I always feel I've worked my hardest when I can really feel the workout in my muscles and this one stayed in my legs for days. It's also pretty short and snappy so would be great to squeeze in before lunch or dinner.

As always, begin every workout with a short warm up comprising stretches, mobility and a bit of foam rolling (my favourite piece of kit in existence).

Finish up with a pint of water and a mug of green tea when your body temperature has returned to normal and you'll definitely feel like you've earned a treat for dinner! Perfect to get rid of back-to-work or school blues.

V x

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